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#BlackMenLove: Top 5 Documented Reasons to Love Black Men

[Reposted from Huffington Post, Sept. 08, 2016]

I encourage you to type “#BlackMenLove” into your favorite search engine for a surprising result.

Today, most what’s said about Black men isn’t flattering and leaves out important facts. I know, because as a Black man and BMe Community Manager in Philadelphia, I have pretty much heard them all.

So, I want to share five documented reasons to love Black men. There are so many more but this is a good start:

  1. They’re enterprising.
  • Last surveyed in 2008, Black people were entering the firm creation process at nearly twice the national average with men making up more than 60% of active entrepreneurs. Source: Reynolds, P. & Curtin, R.
  1. They’re influential.
  • Black buying power is rising from 1 trillion today to a forecasted1.3 trillion in 2017, with Black men continuing to dominate as the economic leaders in the Black community. Source: 2013 Nielsen Company Report on the African American Consumer.
  1. They’re generous.
  • Black Americans give 25% more of their household income to charity than all other Americans: Source: “W.K. Kellogg Foundation Cultures of Giving Report”.
  1. They’re educated.
  • Young Black men enroll in college more and drop out of high school less than at any other time in history, with 1.2 million in college. Source: 2012 Challenge the Status Quo report by Toldson & Lewis.
  1. They’re LOVING!
  • Among fathers who live with their children, Black fathers (70%) are most likely to have bathed, dressed, diapered, or helped their children use the toilet every day. Source: NIH 2013 National Health Statistics Report.


So, there you have it, five reasons to love Black men plus a web search to grow on. BMe Community believes in valuing all members of the human family, recognizing Black males as assets, and building caring and prosperous communities together.

If you do too, go to to continue to share, inspire and empower our futures together.

Jeffrey Jones is the BMe Community Manager in Philadelphia and co-author of a book of daily devotionals called “Words of Encouragement.” Text “Philadelphia” to 96000 to learn what’s happening in BMe Philly.

Jeff can be reached at [email protected].


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