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Beloved Community

BMe Community is a beloved community specifically because we see three truths and are moving in step with our times.

  1. America’s Future Is Changing. American identity and narrative are absolutely changing, right now, the largest generation in history (The Baby Boomers) is retiring as an even bigger generation (The Millennials) becomes the new mainstream. This is also the last generation of America’s white majority.
  2. Old-Headed People Will Fight It To The Bitter End. Old, outdated, anachronistic narratives that prejudge women and people of color as “wanting privileges they haven’t earned” will fight to their bitter end, but their time has passed. You can no longer run America without the consent of women and the cooperation of people of color. In the last two presidential races, the winner did not have the majority of the white vote nor the majority of the male vote. Read that again, slowly. Whoever gets the majority of women’s votes and people of color is representing the majority of Americans now.
  3. The New Advantage Is ‘Better Together’. When the majority of your nation is people of color then the nation cannot prosper unless the majority prospers. So whomever has the fullest, most diverse, best connected network has the best advantage. We are living in one of those rare moment in history when doing the thing that is morally right, is also the smartest economic practice. By that we mean, having racially and gender diverse networks, building assets for all people, educating all people, investing in all people.

BMe is known for enlisting inspired black men but our Partners include the (majorly white) entrepreneurial Breakout community, the American Heart Association, the 200 Chapter Student African-American Brotherhood, One United – the nation’s largest black-owned Internet bank – actor-activist Lamman Rucker, corporate and foundation executives and a host of other unusual suspects who see the value in building our prosperous future together.

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