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Fact Sheet

BMe Community is an award-winning network of innovators, leaders, and champions who invest in aspiring communities. Through our Asset-Framing program, we train leading organizations in matters of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion. We also run the most remarkable fellowships for Black leaders in the nation.

BMe teaches institutions and individuals to define Black people and all people by their aspirations and contributions rather than by degradations and disparities. We don’t ignore what’s wrong with situations, rather we start with what’s right with the people. Then we build their freedoms to Live, Own, Vote, and Excel (L.O.V.E.). That’s how we build equity without stigma.

We recognize that “doing our part” to build and support Black people’s freedom to Live, Own, Vote, and Excel means staying informed and repeatedly taking actions that ensure that the next narrative for Black America is one of fairness, opportunity, and justice. Visit  for details.

Company Name: BMe Community.
Founded: 2013
Founder & CEO: Trabian Shorters
Staff: 11
Headquarters: Miami, FL, USA
Staff locations: Remote
Key Allies: One United Bank,, Solutions Journalism Network, Shepard Mullin, Nonprofit finance fund.
Status: Nonprofit, 501(c)3

Recent News

BMe Community Announces $230,000 in Grants for 23 BMe Vanguard Awardees
As the Juneteenth holiday celebration of Black culture approaches, nonprofit BMe Community announces awards to 23 remarkable Black leaders whom they call BMe Vanguards. Each awardee is admitted into an advanced leadership program and receives a $10,000 grant to further the work they are doing in their communities.

Covering Black communities with nuance and purpose
There’s a difference between covering a community from a perspective of highlighting their assets compared with their deficits. “Deficit framing defines people by the worst possible thing that ever happened to them, and that happens a lot with Black communities,”

“Unspeakable” amplifies voices of the Deaf community and their support for Black lives
Titled “Unspeakable,” this public service announcement is charged with bringing awareness to the voices of the Deaf community and their support for the Black Lives Matter movement. Written and directed by Emmy Award-Winner Emmai Alaquiva and a team of collaborators.