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Robin Gamble

Position: Business Owner, Movement Leader
Categories: Business Owner, Movement Leader
My name is Robin Gamble. I am a problem solver ,artist, a photographer, an entrepreneur and a social justice advocate. I have a successful consulting company that focuses on leadership and development, change management, and strategic planning. I also have a photography company that evolved from my consulting company. I received my Masters in Industrial Organizational Psychology, Bachelors Degree in Radiation Therapy and Human Resource Management, as well as Associates in Corrections. My mission is educating people to become a better version of themselves, coaching organizations on change management, building revenue. I serve currently as the project manager for Focus: HOPE, one of Michigan’s most trusted anti-racism agencies. In this role, I provide a range of services, including fundraising, offering affordable and centrally located event space for the community, and coordinating an art-based community leadership program for youth. I am a proud and devoted mom and grandmother. I’ve been told I don’t look it My children are on track for becoming the best the world. They are my magnum opus, to say that I am proud of them barely covers it.