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Lola Omolola

Position: Business Owner
Categories: Business Owner
Lola Omolola builds communities that change people’s lives. With a higher education in journalism and over two decades of experience in radio, TV and digital project management, she know what truly drives human-to-human communication in a way which improves understanding, collaboration and meaningful connections. Through engaging consultations, workshops and keynotes, she give organizations and audiences the tools to mobilize people and strategically build community for good. As the founder of Female IN (FIN)™; a Facebook and offline community with close to 1.7M members from more than 100 countries, Lola lead and develop structures and systems to amplify women’s voices. Lola’s work has been recognized by Mark Zuckerberg and Melinda Gates. You will find coverage in the BBC, NPR, Newsweek, Reuters, VOA, The Guardian, Los Angeles Sentinel and Chicago Tribune and countless international media outlets. When she’s not on a speaking tour or building community online and offline, you will find Lola in Chicago, USA where she lives with her husband and their two daughters.