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LaQuinte’ Brinson

Position: Business Owner
Categories: Business Owner

LaQuinte’ Brinson, affectionately known as Coach Q, is an Atlanta based Certified Life Coach and Founder of The Break-Up, LLC. The LLC which launched in 2013, The Break-Up, LLC is a public health organization dedicated to raising awareness, empowering individuals to own their greatness and providing assistance to individuals as they work towards positive change. The ultimate goal of The Break-Up, LLC is to restore our communities by providing methods of healing and progression through stories, special events, and partnerships with organizations that leads individuals to a life full of purpose. LaQuinte’ is an empowerment speaker who holds a Master’s Degree in Public Health and her Coaching Certification from Life Purpose Institute. She is the author of Pregnant With A Vision; A guide to conceiving and achieving purpose. She is also the Co-Author of Untold: Leon Ford Story. Her passion is serving her community in ways that promote healing and change. Her honesty and transparency about her own battle against sexual assault, depression and her compassionate heart is a source of healing, hope and help to others longing to break free. Through coaching, public speaking, social networking, blogging and hosting special events, Coach Q’s impact is rapidly increasing as she is connecting with individuals in the community and creating a platform for them to share their story with the world.