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Kelvin Isom

Position: Business Owner, Movement Leader, Veteran
Categories: Business Owner, Movement Leader, Veteran
Kelvin acquired his JD/MBA from the University of Pittsburgh, specializing in international and public policy. Having served in the Military and a plethora of board leadership positions, he developed uncanny adaptive thinking and a capacity and passion for continuing to learn. Kelvin enjoys immersing himself into new cultures/countries and participating in various adventurous outdoor activities. Kelvin believes that people are the most valuable resource, and therefore creating that interpersonal relationship is vital for flourishment in organizations. Over the past decade he has taught in Pittsburgh Public School, volunteered to read and speak to elementary schools and mentor youth. He believes these fundamental steps provide the additional male presence, support and development some students lack to solidify direction in his community. He is the founder of The Kelvin Isom II Impact ScholarshipFund as well held event seminars geared toward financial budgeting, family investments and general financial literacy advice as millennial’s and young families. He will strive to develop a program that facilitates and educates impoverished and underrepresented communities with legal and financial subjects as it relates to long term sustainability. A champion promoting equal opportunity, diversity and inclusion for all in the workplace, Kelvin highly values the protection and enforcement of everyone’s civil rights, especially regarding employment and a clear understanding of their rights and obligations. What better an organization to guarantee that I am effectuating change, than a BMe Vanguard fellow. He hopes to meet great people and achieve new ideas for community growth and development.