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DeJuan Patterson

Position: Business Owner, Movement Leader
Categories: Business Owner, Movement Leader
DeJuan PATTERSON is a business strategist, public servant, and community organizer from Baltimore City. He received his Bachelor’s in Psychology and his Master of Public Administration in Public Policy from Bowie State University. He is currently the Managing Partner of The BeMore Group: a company dedicated to providing services and solutions to issues surrounding youth, families, and underserved communities. Patterson and his work have been featured in The Baltimore Sun, The Washington Post, Elite Daily, The Baltimore Afro and CBS News. Patterson deems himself a social impact consultant for the city, where he uses his gifts of strategic planning and economic development as channels to highlight and solve the challenges in the community. Using his 2-tier approach, Patterson first focuses on community engagement: developing and implementing programs for youth and families, as well as identifying key resources to allocate to these groups. He then takes the successful results of his community engagement to concentrate on institutional advisement, where he advises agencies on how to best distribute their time and resources to the groups that need it most. Patterson’s institutional advisement tier includes sitting on advisory boards, program evaluation and development, and product delivery. As a result, he has been granted several opportunities from Baltimore City Hall to Capitol Hill to consult with various stakeholders on developing progressive solutions for socio-economic equity and criminal justice reform.