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Damarqio Williams

Position: Business Owner, Movement Leader
Categories: Business Owner, Movement Leader
Highly motivated and philanthropic, Damarqio (DK) Williams is a leading influencer, entrepreneur, and advocate for equality and inclusion. He leverages his passion by promoting strategic brand diversity and equity consultations, collaborating with respected brands, and advocating for equitable fatherhood policies to cultivate a more compassionate community for everyone. Today, DK is head of several organizations. He is founder of Detroit Father, promoting awareness of the Black fatherhood narrative, co-founder of Joining Forces with King, an initiative to develop a safe environment and motivate narrative change regarding Black men in Detroit, and founded Detroit Social Circle, a safe place that brings different communities and cultures together to drive transformational social impacts. Whether it is adding baby-changing stations to local, public men’s restrooms or advocating for national fatherhood education programs and equitable policies, DK is always striving to foster equality and inclusion and takes every opportunity he can to influence others to be on the side of community improvement. From motivational speaking, business consulting, to being a brand influencer, DK made it a core mission to use his philanthropy work to build a promising future while simultaneously restoring the past.