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Bryan Lewis

Position: Movement Leader
Categories: Movement Leader
Bryan Lewis is a Detroit-based environmental justice and youth development advocate who is passionate about growing the next generation of green leaders. As the former Director of EcoWorks’ Youth Energy Squad (YES), he and his team supported thousands of Detroit k-12 students in developing environmental solutions that helped to make their homes, schools, and communities more sustainable for everyone. Mr. Lewis, in his time with YES, worked to highlight youth voice as a mechanism for social and environmental change. He founded a leadership initiative within the program that works with a small group of 10 youth leaders – exposing them to environmental justice activism, community leadership, and national politics (through a discovery trip to Washington, DC). Now, as a consultant, Mr. Lewis works with organizations like E2 (Environmental Entrepreneurs) to organize business leaders to advocate for clean water policies in Michigan. He is also a member of Michigan Governor Whitmer’s Environmental Justice Advisory Council.