Black People are winning!

Take a good look in the mirror and know that you are WINNING. Black people have always been an asset to not only our country, but our world. From the beginning of civilization, we have been builders, creators... LEADERS. While negative narratives perpetuate through society about Black people being a "problem", BMe is here to tell you we are the "solution." The proof is in the pudding. The facts below from leading institutions echo that we are definitely not on the losing end - we are WINNING!

Sources: [1] United States Army, [2] US Dept. of Commerce, [3] Kellogg Cultures of Giving Report, [4] Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Check Your Frame

When you picture Black people - what images initially come to mind? If you don't see patriots, fathers, graduates, and business owners, perhaps you should check what's in your frame. So often we humans define people with words like disadvantaged, at-risk, underprivileged  - unaware of it's stigmatizing effects. BMe wants to frame a different picture. Asset Framing is the shift to narratives that define a people by their aspirations and assets rather than their challenges and deficits. Learn more about Asset Framing.

#Winning #WinWithBMe

See how BMe is winning in these streets. With over 200 fellows mobilized throughout the country focusing on education, health and wellness, human rights, economic development, and the arts, the Genius Fellows and Public Voices Fellows have helped over 2 million families and appeared in major news outlets and publications. In addition to all the good they do for others, these Black people are just as dedicated at home. Join the conversation. Post to Instagram using the hashtags #WinWithBMe and #Winning - and be sure to share and post the video above. Let's show everyone how we as a people are building our communities and taking care of our families.