BMe Community is a network of innovators, leaders, and champions who invest in aspiring communities. Headquartered in Miami, Florida, BMe has satellite offices in Akron, Baltimore, Detroit, Louisville, Philadelphia, and Pittsburgh.

Our Award-Winning Model

BMe Community has earned 67 prestigious awards for innovation, storytelling and social impact. Our 4-part model has spread to seven cities since 2013. It is:

  • Asset-Framing: We teach leading foundation and social innovation senior executives how to have superior impact by asset-framing people and place.
  • Genius Fellows: Field a catalytic fellowship of inspired black men who embody asset-framing, are trusted and have sworn their lives to helping others.
  • Community Builders: Connect people of all races and genders to work with each other and our Geniuses on opportunities and causes they share in common.
  • Story Sharing: Tell the stories of how Builders and Geniuses are making our futures better together via popular media and our 40,000 subscribers.

The training, Builder network and Story Sharing Network are open to all and the Genius Fellowship positions black men as catalysts for our new narrative of growth and opportunity.

How BMe Asset-Framing Fights Poverty for Free

BMe introduced Asset-framing to Sharath Jason Wilson when he was named a Community Genius for his work teaching black boys self-mastery in Detroit. Following police killings in 2016, national boycotts began. Jason asked "Its fine to take money out of something but what are we going to invest it in?" This led to Community-Builders of all races and genders supporting #buyblack, #spendblack and #bankblack campaigns to "show support for black lives by supporting black livelihood." BMe Community deposited $1-million in black-owned OneUnited Bank who leveraged it into $2.5-million in housing loans to low-to-moderate income black communities. This means our simple deposits fight poverty at no cost or risk to us. Then our Story Sharing Network published articles on our efforts in NBC, The Root, and Essence illustrating how we can all make our futures better together.