Tips for maintaining mental well-being during COVID-19 Crisis

How do we protect loved ones, community and self? Here are a few tips.

Loved ones

  1. Help loved ones adjust to the change. Discuss health, wellbeing, washing hands, etc.
  2. Anxiety can be good & bad; help to lower the anxiety of your family
  3. Help provide prospective, balance, advice or just listen
  4. Set a schedule for your family – school, food, play, quality time
  5. Be flexible 
  6. Be active – home exercise, play with kids, walks, etc
  7. Protect your relationship – be kind to your partner
  8. Reach out to friends and family
  9. Make time to unwind as a family
  10. Don’t shame your loved ones if they are having a tough time


  1. Community loss – dealing with not gathering together, weddings, celebrations, funerals, sports, parks
  2. Think about ways (like this call) to help the community process and learn during these times
  3. Try to accept that this is challenging for all of us sometimes in different ways
  4. #ClubQuarantine – Community engagement comes in many ways – DJ Nice
  5. Stay connected to family and friends through technology 
  6. Share resources and what’s working with others
  7. Find ways to support and help others (It’s about us; we will get through this together)
  8. Think about others – Some people have lost jobs or can’t eat or don’t know what to do
  9. Don’t stop having fun
  10. Remind others that this won’t be forever


  1. Acknowledge the loss & sadness
  2. Know your triggers (consuming too much news, loss of love ones, lack of money, etc)
  3. Set a schedule for yourself as well, start small
  4. Who provides you balance (someone who helps you to take this more seriously or helps you to release your stress) 
  5. Be active 
  6. Work on projects and hobbies that you’ve put off
  7. Prepare to level up when this is over – what are you doing now that will help you when this is over
  8. Do you have business ideas or projects that can work now? Some industries are improving during this crisis. 
  9. Be there for your child(ren). They are looking for your guidance
  10. Pay attention to your money in whatever way works for you, but try not to freak out.