Summer In The City, The BMe Philly Way

For most, summer is a time of year to kick back, relax and refuel. But for BMe Philly’s Community Champions and Geniuses’ this is a time to continue the work of building, connecting and follow through. It is the time of year when the work of community engagement through mentorship, the arts and social justice is most impactful. Check out all of the awesome and exciting events that BMe Philly members participated in or hosted last month:

June 2nd

  • Park West Town Center Community Festival sponsored by BMe Genius Jim Burnett was held to celebrate the accomplishments and positive economic change in this historic West Philadelphia neighborhood.

June 13th

  • BMe Genius Tracey L. Fisher was the keynote speaker for The Pennsylvania Commission on Crime & Delinquency in Harrisburg, lending his voice to the cause for criminal justice change and reform in Pennsylvania.

June 14th

  • June 14th was all about the importance of fathers as BMe Genius Reuben Jones helped to bail out incarcerated dads through his work with the Philly Bailout Fund.

June 16th

  • June 16th was an evening of elegance to honor a “relationship that will last a lifetime” at BMe Genius Joel Austin of Daddy University held their annual Daddy Daughter Dance at the Sugar House Event Center in Philadelphia.

June 23rd

  • BMe Genius Dr. George James and others shared the importance of Black Men in media on the Black Male Media Project Panel.

Love is the foundation that BMe Philly is built on. Love for the people, the community and each other. It is a love so embedded in the lives of these individuals that not even the soaring temperatures of summer will stop the work from being done. There is always a need and always work to be done.

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Photo Credit: By King of Hearts / Wikimedia Commons / CC-BY-SA-3.0, CC BY-SA 3.0,