Seasons Change But BMe Philly Geniuses Stay The Same

Cooler weather, back to school, changing leaves and pumpkin spice everything!!! Fall is upon us and members of the BMe Philly community are headed full-steam ahead into October. Several BMe Leaders and Geniuses spent the month of September facilitating workshops, presenting information pertaining to their level of expertise and spreading the word about the work that the BMe Community is doing in the City of Brotherly Love and Sisterly Affection. Just because the weather is getting colder, doesn’t mean the work stops! For BMe Philly, the work has just begun! To learn more about BMe Philly or to find out about events happening in the BMe Community where you live, please check out click here: Learn more.

Take a look at these events from September:  

September 4th

Will Little Presented a workshop on “Emotional Intelligence” at the Dixon House.

September 6th

BMe Leader Jeffrey Jones presented a “Pop-Up Talk” about diversity at the

PA Summit for Families in Harrisburg PA.



September 7th & 8th

Anton Moore and Malcolm Kenyatta were summit speakersat The Arena Summit at the Philadelphia Convention Center.