May 2018 BMe Philly Shining Bright!

May was indeed a month for the BMe Philly Community to shine bright! Through a variety of events, programs, presentations, and workshops.

May was a month filled to capacity with positivity, collaboration, engagement, resource sharing, and celebration. From the “Healing through Storiez Conference” where BMe Genius Michael O’Bryan spoke passionately about trauma, and healing through creativity,

to the “2018 Community Impact Conference”, hosted by BMe Genius Jeff Jones, to the elaborate “Malcolm X Birthday Celebration” to remember dear Brother Malcolm and supported in part by BMe Champion Shariff El-Mekki and BMe Genius Gabe Bryant, to “Black CAPs Philly”, a celebration of Black men who have earned their post secondary, undergraduate, graduate or professional degree, forever changing the often negative and damaging narrative that society associates with Black men. The BMe Community in Philly is strong, centered and focused on contributing more than it takes, ensuring the creation of a better Philadelphia and a better world. Here in Philly, activism is reciprocall!

To learn more about BMe Philly or to find out about events happening in the BMe Community where you live, please check out: