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Todd Bettison

Position: Deputy Chief
Categories: Elected Official

Deputy Chief Bettison has worked for the Detroit Police Department for 25 years. Deputy Chief Bettison graduated from Wayne State University with a Baccalaureate Degree in Criminal Justice in 1996. Deputy Chief Bettison currently works directly for the Chief of Police, James E. Craig, and is the Detroit Police Department’s Neighborhood Community Liaison. He is committed to bridging the gap between the community and law enforcement. Deputy Chief Bettison has been consistently rewarded for his hard work and dedication to building a better Detroit. His rewards are a direct result of his expertise in management, as well as, his commitment to personal and professional excellence. Deputy Chief Bettison’s approach to bridging the gap between the police and community is centered around working with the people in the neighborhoods. Deputy Chief Bettison prefers the grass roots approach!