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Saloam Knox

Position: Movement Leader
Categories: Movement Leader
Saloam is a champion of economic community development and understand that personal financial health is a fundamental building block of positioning families for sustainable generational wealth. Saloam’s thoughtful approach to unveiling the financial industries best-kept secrets is changing lives. More importantly, her message of self-sufficiency is breaking the generational chains of poverty to transform communities. Saloam is a credit education expert who is the CEO & Founder of Credit Power LLC, Higher Power Homes, & My Business Space. She sits on the committee of the CLT community Land trust, which helps combat gentrification. Saloam’s burning desire to teach businesses how to build, understand & leverage their overall financial well-being is what lead her company to become the T.A. (technical assistant) for the URA’s micro fund loan. With over 20 plus years of financial education, it’s safe to say Saloam was shaped and molded for financial wellness.