Designed for busy, influential professionals, owners, and leaders, the BMe Community Builders Network lets you make a big difference in ways that are highly leveraged, fun, and easy.


“What I like about BMe is that it’s a network that other networks can plug into.”

- Benjamin Jealous, Partner Kapor Capital

The heavy lifting in BMe Community is done by our BMe Community Genius Fellows. These 194 black men have sworn their lives to education, stopping violence, creating jobs, and building communities. Men like:

Jonathan Spikes, an indomitable cancer survivor whose family endured street violence growing up in Miami. In 2012, Jonathan worked with psychologists to turn that trauma into an anti-bullying and conflict resolution program used throughout Miami Dade Public Schools.

“Since you welcome people of all genders and races, I’d like to volunteer in whatever capacity is appropriate.”

- David Dreher, President Foresight, LLC.

Community Builders are interesting people; they value time more than money, are accomplished, and care about the same causes as our BMe Community Geniuses.

Then we provide access and opportunity for them to get to know each other and:

  • Lend your advice, knowledge, or a connection. We make it easy.
  • Co-sponsor an event, campaign, or project that speaks to your interest.
  • Attend BMe’s inspiring “Tell Me More” events—small gatherings, often in a Builder’s home or office, wherein BMe Community Geniuses like Jonathan go in-depth  on their experiences, today’s challenges, and immediate opportunities to make a difference.
  • Tell a friend about the men and causes you’re improving via the BMe Community.


You can engage at the level that is right for you, enrich your knowledge, make a difference and meet great inspiring people along the way.