BMe Geniuses in Philly Trusting The Process

That amazing story above about Philly BMe Genius Will Little won an Emmy!

BMe Philly Community gathered to connect, inform, strategize and mobilize

On April 9th, BMe Geniuses Jeff Jones and Omar Barlow hosted an informal networking and information session at the Anti-Drug/Anti-Violence Network in North Philadelphia. Philly BMe Geniuses and Community Champions, were invited to attend to represent their various organizations and BMe Philly to individuals interested in becoming a part of the BMe Community of game-changers, entrepreneurs and innovators.

The purpose of the event was three-fold:

  • For BMe Geniuses it was an opportunity to establish a connection with others interested in becoming a part of the BMe family and share upcoming initiatives from BMe National.
  • For BMe Geniuses to share with one another the work that they are actively performing in the community and Nationwide and strengthen the relationship between BMe Geniuses in Philly.
  • For all in attendance to network with one another to strategize ways in which to make a continued impact in the community.

Though their work, BMe Genisuses and Community Champions have taken the challenges facing our community head on. These dynamic individuals have made it their purpose to build caring and prosperous communities. Their commitment to community engagement, upliftment and empowerment is what BMe is all about. Be sure to come out to the next gathering to support and take part in this great work. For the next session in May register here: BMe Philly May Gathering.

Black Male Educators Convening: 9 – Leading the cause for change

Can’t say enough about the impact that the BMEC 9 had on creating a platform of learning and understanding that more Black male educators are needed in our class rooms across the Nation. On April 21st BMe Philly Genius Vincent Cobb and various other educational professionals came together to take on this major issue with action oriented ideas and solutions. Check out this piece by one of the students. It hits the mark  and is straight to the point. To find out more about BMEC visit their website at: www.1000×