You know him, that Black man whose commitment to making a difference is truly inspiring. Maybe he's a coach, a coworker, your father or uncle. He could be a military veteran, a mayor, a fortune 500 executive or community organizer. Our BMe Community Geniuses come from all these walks of life with only two things in common.

  1. They have dedicated their lives to making a better future for others.
  2. They are trusted by their communities because of it.

The BMe Community Genius Fellowship finds, funds and builds communities based upon the brotherhood of these inspired black men. In Akron, Baltimore, Detroit, Louisville, Miami, Philadelphia and Pittsburgh; BMe Community Geniuses run the programs, businesses and governments that have helped millions of families since 2013 to acquire health, wealth, hope and opportunity.


Each year BMe Community makes it easy to apply for the fellowship. Any Black man in selected cities need only tell their story and what they'd do with the opportunity. Submissions are reviewed by a local committee and once finalists have undergone due diligence they are invited to BMe's exclusive Genius Conference where they meet their peers from past cohorts as well as BMe Community partners, friends and funders.

Genius Fellows are awarded $10k for their projects, honored at a local awards event and receive ongoing networking, recognition and partnership opportunities for as long as they are active in the network.


Since 2013 Genius Fellows' organizations and initiatives have provided youth development, education, economic opportunity, public safety, reentry support, community organizing, role models, hope and opportunity to over 2-million families. Fellows range from corporate executives and business owners like Evan Frazier and Greg Spencer, who use the network to help forge an executive leadership development program for black people in Pittsburgh across a range of industries to entrepreneurs like Chris Wilson and Shaka Senghor who were each formerly incarcerated and have become important national and international influencers in the justice reform movement since being recognized as Genius Fellows.

With the support of individual donors and visionary organizations such as The Campaign for Black Male Achievement plus leading foundations including The John S. and James L. Knight FoundationThe Heinz EndowmentsWilliam R. Kenan Jr. Charitable Trust and the John Graham Brown Foundation, BMe Community Geniuses are updating the narrative on Black men in America to recognize them as the Community-builders they have always been.