Harry Johnson

BMe Pittsburgh Manager

Harry Johnson, II, is a social entrepreneur and philanthropic leader in the Western Pennsylvania region. He is a North Carolina native where he studied political science at Winston-Salem State University, in Winston-Salem North Carolina. Harry has previously held an array of critical leadership roles including work with Hillary Clinton for President, Forward Together PAC, United States Congress, and Pittsburgh City Council where he honed his political savvy, fundraising and community engagement experience. Harry currently serves award-winning national network BMe Community as Pittsburgh Manager.

Headquartered in Miami, Florida, BMe is the largest network and fellowship program for social entrepreneur black men in the United States. BMe Community works with corporate, philanthropic, government and nonprofit sectors to engage black male assets through community-building that inspires people to act on the belief that we make our region better through working together. Harry was recognized in 2016 as the Pittsburgh region’s ‘40 Under 40’ by PUMP and Pittsburgh Magazine, and he is a Board Member of the Jeron X. Grayson Foundation and PUMP. Harry is also the Founder and CEO of Harry Ventures LLC., and lives in the Hill District of Pittsburgh with his wife Shinora Grayson Johnson